I aim to build irresistible visions of futures…

June 30, 2020
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I aim to build irresistible visions of futures that challenge the way we perceive our society & offer a better path forward. Growing up, I rarely saw myself on the screen that I clung to & hungered for any likeness; the Yellow Power Ranger, Mulan, Boomer of Battlestar Galactica. Today, I can count on my two hands sci-fi films that star women of color. While that is slowly changing, there is a difference between stories told by the majority & stories from the marginalized. It’s imperative that women & people of color get our time at the mic to collectively envision futures of inclusivity & empathy across the world for the next generation. Science fiction has always been its most powerful when its lens is directed at our society. I incorporate real world science & technology to ground my films in a plausible reality while taking a critical lens to science itself as an unalienable progressive force. Despite its shining reputation since the Enlightenment, science has been used for nefarious division, from “racial science” validating subjugation of Black people to studies that perpetuate gender myths & stereotypes. Science has historically shut out women & people of color, a notion I challenge with everything I create by centering women & people of color in STEM, power & leadership positions. I’m harnessing the power of both science & science fiction to reclaim them back for the marginalized & amplify them into the future—to a new Enlightenment that includes us all. ? by @chrisloupos #zenathehyena – from Instagram