Hello World, I’m releasing my film #ovumshort online on June 8th…

May 15, 2019

Photo Caption: Hello World, I’m releasing my film #ovumshort online on June 8th & would love your help in connecting to press, distributors, influencers, and filmmakers to help amplify this project. It’s a short social sci-fi film (8 min) on the intersection of #reproductiverights & VR technology. Everyone who’s seen it says it has strong Black Mirror-esque vibes. I’m most interested in getting as many eyeballs as possible to watch this to jumpstart conversations on women’s choice & bodily autonomy. I made this film due to the 2016 election & Trump’s promise to overturn #RoevWade. With the increasing attacks on abortion in this country, I can think of no better time to release this film online for free for everyone to watch. Please comment, DM or email me if you have specific people you can intro me to and I’d be happy to send you the screener. I’m also open to creative ideas and angles in tackling this launch. We’re aiming to put it on Vimeo, YouTube, and Amazon in multiple languages. Trailer link in my bio. Shoutout to the many collaborators who helped me to bring this film to fruition!
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