Cidney Hue is a sci-fi director and filmmaker with a focus on art and science driven films. Her award-winning short, Odessa, recounts the journey of an astronaut’s last night on Earth. Her webseries for Wired & reddit, Cyborg Nation, profiles scientists at the forefront of prosthetics, robotics, and brain-computer interfaces. Her environmental documentary, Shark Loves the Amazon, toured nationally and premiered at the World Sustainability Forum to leaders and policy makers. In addition to filmmaking, Cidney leads the monthly NYC Women Filmmakers workshop series to support female filmmakers in New York City.

Professional training and experience in all aspects of film and video production, including:

Pre-Production: development, budgeting, scheduling, hiring, casting, storyboarding, screenwriting

Production: directing, assistant directing, cinematography, production design & art direction, line producing

Post-Production: editing, color correction, sound design, ADR & Foley, transcoding, final delivery: encoding & exporting

Design, build, and code mobile and media friendly websites, logos, & graphics for artists and their businesses.


Best Director of a Short Film
Chain NYC Film Festival

Best Narrative Short
Chain NYC Film Festival

Best Sci-Fi Short
Atlantic City Cinefest

Best Sci-Fi Short: Honorable Mention
Asians on Film

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